Saturday, June 21, 2014

Denis Murphy

[South Africa] (B 1935/ D 2012)

His early career started at the age of 15, working as an illustrator and cartoonist. With work spanning diverse topics such as heraldry advertising and astronomy,Denis win's numerous awards during this period. 
As a young adult Denis spent a few years in Zambia, where he became fascinated by the rich and compelling wildlife. He began painting there and has traveled and painted in his home country as well as Swaziland and Kenya.
Denis's finely detailed art lends itself to Philately. Many commissions have resulted for South Africa, Transkei, Ciskei and Namibia.

1993/1995 "Endangered Fauna" (19) [1,3,4] Sc(853,857,865)
1996/1998 "Endangered Fauna" (19) [2,5] Sc(867l,867f)

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