Saturday, April 7, 2018

Benjamin Sarraillon

[France] (b 1901/d 1989)

"Born at Lion in 1901 , Benjamin Sarraillon , after studying at the local Fine Arts School under Professor Mangier , established himself with his wife in Algeria in the year of 1924. (..) seduced by the vast horizons and the luminosity of the Capital, he opened a design atelier in the following year he met the famous Orientalist Painter Etienne Dinet who became interested in his work...(..) the Flemish  portrait painter and sculptor Jules Van Biesbroeck was other of his main influences , being his master for 4 consecutive years...(..) Sarraillon made his first Exhibition in 1932 at Algiers..(..) encouraged by the positive reviews of the press, he exposed annually in Algeria until 1962. (..) during the first years of his Algerian Adventure, he worked for 'L'Echo D'Algier' and 'Afrique Du Nord Illustrée' always as draftsman or illustrator...(..) mobilized to the Army in 1939,he served as Cartographer ; his work was recognized as being one of the best , so in 1943 he started to work with top secret subjects ,making plans and maps for the Allied Army..(..) in 1945 he restarted his Artistic life , returning to his graphical activities, working for journals and Magazines..."


Algeria 1954 "3rd International Congress of Mediterranean Citrus Fruit Culture" (1) [Engr (Jean Pheulpin)][Recess] Sc(253)

Algeria 1954/1957 "Courtyard of the Bardo Museum" (7,1) [Typo] Sc(257,258)(267,...,271)

Algeria 1955 "30th French Medical Congress, Algiers" (1) [Engr (Jean Pheulpin)][Recess] Sc(262)

Algeria 1955 "2000th Anniversary of Tipasa" (1) [Engr (Raoul Serres)][Recess] Sc(263)

Algeria 1957 "Electrification of Bòne Tebessa Railway Line" (1) [Engr (Jean Pheulpin)][Recess] Sc(283)

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