Monday, April 16, 2018

Aurelio Mistruzzi

[Italy] (b 1880/d 1960)

"Born at Villaorba di Basiliano in 1880, Aurelio Mistruzzi studied at the Udine Art School, having classes with the Sculptor De Paoli. (..) He moved to Venice to study at the local Art Academy but after a short period of time , he traveled to Milan where he began the course of Professors Mazzucchelli and Petini at the Brera Academy ,both impressionist Sculptors. (..) in 1908 he won a Scholarship to study at the Rome Art of the Medal School..(..)  in 1914 he started the first of his great works, with the decoration of the Udine Municipal Palace and began also to build funerary Sculptures.(..) Official Medalist and Engraver of the Vatican from 1920 to 1959 he always been faithful to the Classic model of the Italian Tradition and brought to all his work a refined technical accuracy. "


Italy 1954 "First Experimental Helicopter Mail Flight between Milan and Turin" (1) [Photo] Sc(652)

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