Thursday, March 22, 2018

Roger Vansevenant

[Belgium] (b 1922)

Photo by Anne Claus
"Roger Vansevenant was born in Poperinge on August 2, 1922. He studied ancient humanities and philosophy but his Artistic career started in 1945 with some graphic work. Two years later he is co-founder of a printing company, a family company that wants to set high standards. In the meantime, he has further qualified as a graphic artist and as a photographer. (..) He has been practicing photography intensely for a quarter of a century. He was not so much interested in photography as a technical support in designing, but in his own visual language. Afterwards he experienced her limitations as an art form. He felt too bound by the subject and the circumstances. Finally he had the impression of being stuck and repeating himself. He needed a different and more adequate means of expression. That is why he experimented with drawings on light-sensitive paper, which allowed him to ignore the subject but automatically brought him closer to drawing and painting.(..) as his photographic adventure faded away, the process of painting grew in him. He tried different techniques: watercolor, gouache, oil paint, acrylic. (..) In recent times, Roger Vansevenant paints the simple things of life, the landscape, the still life, but in his own way. The figures have mostly disappeared from his work. But still it happens that in the folds of a black leather armchair he discovers the flanks of a mountain range that irresistibly turn him into a new journey. His fairy tale world is filled with angry and joyful paths. "


Belgium 1965 "50th Anniversary of the Founding of Toc H. Movement of Talbot House, Poperinge"  (1) [Photo] Sc(633)

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