Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Pierrette Lambert [ 1st Part (1962/1965) except Monaco ]

[France] (b 1928)

"Pierrette Lambert studied at the Poitiers Fine Arts School in 1943... in the following year , her father and brother were both imprisoned and later killed during the deportation... (..) she continued her studies in Paris , at the Drawing and Applied Arts School and at the Estienne School...(..) in 1957 ,a exhibition of her miniatures , called the attention of Henry Guitard , at the time Director of the Bank of France , and she was invited to design Bank Notes for the Bank of France and other foreign National Banks..(..) her work with Bank notes rapidly opened the doors to stamp Designing ,that she started in 1962 ,finishing 35 years later,  in 1997, with her last stamp for France .. (..) for her work as stamp designer, Pierrette Lambert received the ' grands prix de l'art philatélique' for 3 times , with French stamps, Monaco stamps and for her work with the Francophone African Countries..(..) after 1997 , she devoted herself only to painting...(..)"


St. Pierre et Miquelon 1962 "Flowers" (3,3,3) [Engr (C. Durrens 25F,50F)(J.Combet 100F)][Recess] Sc(360,361,C24) [ Images credit of Stampworld ]

French Polynesia 1962 "Flowers" (2,2,2) [Photo (Delrieu)] Sc(196,197)  [ Images credit of Stampworld ]

French Polynesia 1962 "5th South Pacific Conference,Pago-Pago" (1) [Photo (Delrieu)] Sc(198) [ Common Design for South Pacific French Territories]

Wallis & Futuna Islands 1962 "Marine Fauna" (8,8,8) [Engr (Jean Pheulpin 25c,1F)(George Bétemps)][Recess] Sc(159,...,164,C16,C18)  [ Images credit of Stampworld ]

Somali Coast 1962 "Shells of the Red Sea" (6,6,6) [Des (joint effort with Robin)][Photo (Helio-Commoy)] Sc(293,...,296,C28,C29) [ Images credit of Stampworld ]

St. Pierre et Miquelon 1963 "Birds" (4,4,4) [Engr (Charles Mazellin 50c,2F)(Jean Pheulpin 1F,6F)][Recess] Sc(362,...,365) [ Images credit of Stampworld ]

France 1963 "Tourism Series" (5,5,2) [Engr (Hertenberger 30c)(Durrens 60c)][Recess] Sc(1068,1070)

Somali Coast 1963 "Corals" (5,5,5) [Photo] Sc(298,299,C26,C27,C30) [ Images credit of Stampworld ]

Comoro Islands 1964 "AIR / Star of Great Comoro" (1) [Photo] Sc(C13)

French Polynesia 1964 "Landscapes" (5,5,5) [Photo] Sc(211,...,215) [ Images credit of Stampworld ]

only the Air Mail stamp (23F) is larger then the others... the images bonding sometimes don't run very well..! sorry!!

New Caledonia 1964 "Flowers" (8,8,8) [Photo] Sc(330,...,337) [ Images credit of Stampworld ]

New Caledonia 1964 "Corals and Marine Animals from Nouméa Aquarium" (8,8,2) [Photo] Sc(C36,C37)  [ Images credit of Stampworld ]

[ for the moment I am focusing only in the French speaking countries and territories...the Artist may have designed stamps for other foreign countries, and only with time those stamps could be discovered and added to these posts...]


  1. Hola porque no sigues Con la colección es fantástica!! Se que hizo para cameroun, gabon, Chad,congo, djibouti,libano... Sería un trabajazo exponer sus más de 1300 sellos