Thursday, December 21, 2017

Ludwig Hohlwein

[Germany] (b 1874/d 1949)

"Ludwig Hohlwein was trained and practiced as an architect until 1906, when he switched to poster design. Hohlwein's adaptations of photographic images was based on a deep and intuitive understanding of graphical principles. His creative use of color and architectural compositions dispels any suggestion that he uses photos as a substitute for creative design. (..) Hohlwein's most artistically important phase was before World War II in the years 1912-1925. A large variety of his best posters dates to this period. He developed his own distinct style with sharply defined forms, bright colours and a good portion of humour. By 1925, he had already designed 3000 different advertisements."

Photo and biography :

Germany 1937 "4th Anniversary of Air Defense League" (3,1) [Recess] Sc(481,...,483)

Germany 1942 "Hamburg Derby and Hitler's Culture fund" (1) [Recess (Vienna)] Sc(B204)

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