Saturday, July 1, 2017

Louis Fernez

[France] (b 1900/d 1984)

"At the age of 13, he attended the Algiers school of Fine Arts , under the direction of Louis Ferdinand Antoni , where he became friends with Paul Belmondo... in 1917 he won a Scholarship to study in Paris at the National Fine Arts Academy and in 1925 he returned to finally settle and work in Algiers...(...) He was awarded with the Grand Prix Artistique de Algerie in 1929, of which he became a member of the jury in 1940 ; (...) He then started to teach painting at the Algiers School of Fine Arts in 1941 and was the  author of Marianne of Algiers (also called Marianne Fernez), which is a series of postage stamps issued in 1944 in French Algeria and then at the liberated territories. (...) 
Fernez also decorated several Algerian public buildings and designed all the furniture of the National Fine Arts Museum that he was detached to manage from 1947... "


Morocco 1943 "Allegories of Victory" (1) [Die Engr (C. Hervé)][Litho (Algiers)] Sc(177)

Algeria 1943 "War Prisioners Relief Fund" (4,1) [Die Engr (C. Hervé)][Litho] Sc(B39,...,B42)

Algeria 1944 "Marianne" (9,1) [Die Engr (C. Hervé)][Litho] Sc(172,173,175,176,178,179,182,183,185)

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