Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Enzo Morelli

[Italy] (b 1896/d 1976)

Portrait of Enzo Morelli by Giuseppe Novello

"When Morelli was just thirteen he moved to Milan where he began his artist career first as a poster and advertising designer, then as a cartoonist and, after World War I, he became part of the artist movement "Novecento Italiano", whose inspiration was 15th century pre-Renaissaince art in the attempt of creating a new way of paiting. (...) He mainly painted landscapes and portraits. Morelli is indeed considered to be one of the greatest landscape painters of the 20th century; Assisi, where he lived from 1923 to 1940, Bogliaco del Garda and Bagnacavallo are frequently represented. (...) A large number of his art works has been donated by Enzo Morelli's wife after his death to Bagnacavallo's municipality, since this was the artist's will. "


Italy 1911 "Jubilee of the Kingdom of Italy" (4,4,1) [Engr (A. Repettati)][Recess] Sc(120) [ image of a Surcharged stamp]

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