Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tadeusz Tuszewski

[Poland] (b 1907/d 2004)

" Tadeusz Tuszewski studied at the Poznan National School of Decorative Arts and Crafts and then at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts , finishing his graduation in 1936...then, he worked at the University and from 1945 he started to help in the reconstruction and maintenance of the main Archives and Museums...from 1964 on he worked as Assistant Professor, Professor and then Director of the Laboratory of Preservation of  Old Prints and Graphics...He was considered to be Poland's foremost Authority in this subject.. He worked and restored hundreds of books and documents of historical and contemporary value, including especially valuable manuscripts for Polish Culture....(..) Prof. Tuszewski was also the creator of hundreds of bookplates, decorating papers, some etchings and engravings. (..)  He took part in the education of more than 300 art conservators.."


Poland 1948 "Youth Conference, Warsaw" (1) [Photo] Sc(433)

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