Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Paul Theophile Robert

[Switzerland] (b 1879/d 1954)

After the high School in Neuchatel , Paul Theophile Robert studied for some time in the Neuchatel Academy, and worked for several months in the Clement Heaton Atelier...in 1898 he spent 6 months having lessons of the painter Eugene Burnand and after he continued his formation with his father until the end of 1899 ...from 1900 to 1907 he attended several painting classes in Paris, 'La Grand Chaumiére' and  the Paris Fine Arts School .. during this time he also received lessons from known painters like Jacques Emile Blanch and also traveled to Italy... 
"Theophile Robert was the first artist in the third generation. He earned a name for himself, especially in Paris, among the masters of the avant garde. Although nature plays a role in most of his paintings of nude models, landscapes and still life, he did not involve himself with flora and fauna as his father and brothers did. (..)"

Biography And Photo  : Collection Robert.ch

Switzerland 1919 "Peace Celebration" (3,3,1) [Engr (J. Sprenger)][Typo (Mint)] Sc(191)

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