Friday, November 27, 2015

Marian Konarski

[Poland] (b 1909/d 1998)

In 1928 he moved to Krakow where he started his high studies at the Fine Arts Academy.. he had lessons of drawing, Sculpture and Painting.. Konarski was expelled from the university in 1929 due to Political Activities but his Artistic Education continued in the "Underground"...he started to be active also as a Poet.. in 1939 he received a Scholarship and traveled to Italy and Austria for some time...During WWII , Konarski had a significant role in the Resistance against the German Occupation.. in 1948 he joined the Polish Artists and Designer's Association.. His works are exhibited in Polish Museums and are part of National and foreign collections...


Poland 1946 "83th Anniversary of 1863 Revolution" (1) [Des after A. Grottger painting)][Photo] Sc(389)

Poland 1947 "Red Cross fund" (1) [[Photo] Sc(B56)

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