Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Leonard Sowinski

[Poland] (b?/d?)

There are many references about this Artist in the Net, but unfortunately there isn't a single article about his earlier life and education...Leonard Sowinski was a worker of  PWPW, Warsaw ( Polish Security Printing Works).. he started to design stamps for Poland in 1925 and after the German Occupation he designed the first Occupation Banknotes , commonly known as " młynarkami" ...


Poland 1925 "Air Mail" (9,1) [Typo] Sc(C1,...,C9)

Greece 1934 "Athens Stadium" (1) [Engr (W.L. Vacek)][Recess (PWPW,Warsaw)] Sc(381)

Poland 1935/1937 "Various Designs" (15,15,6) [Typo (20g)][Engr (W.L. Vacek 30g,55g)(M.R. Polak (20g,25g,45g,1z)][Recess] Sc(297,298,299,300,302,303)  [ Images credit of Stampworld

Poland 1938 "Proposed Polish Stratosphere Flight" (1 MS) [Engr (W. Vacek)][Recess] Sc(B31) [ Images credit of Stampworld ] 

[ during or after WWII ,Leonard Sowinski left Poland .. I didn't discovered yet what was the country he adopted to pursue his Work , but it is normal that future updates will be required , because Leonard could have designed stamps for that country... ] 

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