Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Luc-Olivier Merson

[France] (b 1846/d 1920)

" Born Nicolas Luc-Olivier Merson in Paris, France, he grew up in an artistic household, the son of Charles-Olivier Merson, a painter and art critic. He studied under Gustave Chassevent at the École de Dessin and then Isidore Pils at the École des Beaux-Arts. Merson had his first work exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1866 and three years later was awarded the Prix de Rome. During the five years spent working in Italy, he concentrated on religious and historical subjects for his art. (..) By 1900 Merson was designing postage stamps for the French post . By 1908 he had been contracted by the Bank of France to create a number of designs for some of the country's banknotes. Between 1906 and 1911, Luc-Olivier Merson taught at the École des Beaux-Arts, with students such as Clément Serveau, who would also eventually design stamps and banknotes. In recognition of his contribution to French culture, Luc-Olivier Merson was awarded the Legion of Honor. (..)"


France 1900/1927  "Merson Type" (12) [Engr (M. Thévenin)][Typo] Sc(121,...,132)

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