Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Philip Christian Batz

[Denmark] (b 1820/d 1890)

At the age of 18 he went to Copenhagen to study Sculpture at the Art Academy... But his artistic career took him to a different way ;  in 1842 he began to work as an engraver and later as a silversmith. First, he worked for the Danish National Bank. with several Danish banknotes designed from the years 1860 to 1873 . Very soon he began with designing and stinging of stamps for the Danish postal administration. Philip Batz also designed stamps for Norway and Iceland , in those days under Danish Government..


Denmark 1870/1871 "Royal Emblem" (8,1) [Engr (Philip Christian Batz)][Typo] Sc(16,...,24) [ value in sk ]

Denmark 1875/1877 "Royal Emblem" (10,2) [engr (Philip Batz)][Typo] Sc(25,...,34) [Value in Ore][ image credit of Stampworld ]

Iceland 1873 "Numeral and Crown" (7,1) [Engr (Philip Batz)][Typo (H.H. Thiele , Copenhagen)] Sc(1,...,7)

Iceland 1873 "Official stamps" (3,1) [Engr (Philip Batz)][Typo (H.H. Thiele, Copenhagen)] Sc(O1,..,O3)

Iceland 1876 "Numeral and Crown" (7,1) [Engr (Philip Batz)][Typo (H.H. Thiele, Copenhagen)] Sc(8,...,14)

Iceland 1876 "Official Stamps" (6,1) [Engr (Philip Batz)][Typo (H.H. Thiele, Copenhagen)] Sc(O4,...,O9)

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