Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Francesco Paolo Michetti

[Italy] (b 1851/d 1929)

"Michetti was forced to work with a local artisan, due to his father's Death . In 1868, he was awarded with a stipend by the province to study at the Accademia (now Istituto) in Naples under Domenico Morelli.(..) He traveled to Paris , where he exhibited in the Salon's of 1872,1875 and 1876.. " Back to Italy he exhibited in the National Exhibitions of Turin and Milan (1880 and 1881) with great sucess.. " Later in life,  in 1896 he was named a member of the Accademia Pontaniana of Naples; in 1903, he was admitted in to the Roman Academy of St Luke; and in 1911 was named honorary president of the regional committee for the Esposizione pescarese nel 1911 (..) In June 1909, he was nominated to be an Italian senator ( Wikipedia )


Italy 1906 "King Victor Emmanuel III" (1) [Recess (L'officina Calcográfica Italiana, Rome)] Sc(93)

Italy 1906/1908 "King Victor Emmanuel III" (5,4,4) [Typo] Sc(94,95,100,104,105) [ image credit of Stampworld ]

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