Thursday, January 29, 2015

Countess Maria Viktoria Attems

[Austria] (b 1899/d 1983)

"She inherited her talent for drawing from her mother Mathilde, whose Landscape water color paintings are still in the possession of the Family. Already at the age of 12 years she composed the table chart of her Attems family’s ancestral heritage, which she decorated with painted Coats-of-Arms. She spent her childhood in Trieste and Graz. She studied at the Art Schools of Graz, Munich and Rome. During the many travels through Italy and Austria, numerous pen-and-ink sketches were created, as well as drawings of significant buildings and landscapes ...Later in Vienna she also did a series of important buildings  as well as views of Tyrolean castles, monasteries and manor houses. 
How Maria Viktoria arrived at the creation of exlibris is not quite clear, but without a doubt, at that period no artist could escape from the "Exlibris Fever" so popular at that time. 
How much the artiste was captivated by fascination with exlibris is evident and proven to the present with the uncovering of 32  exlibris that she made, as well as four designs she created for bookplates. Her works are very thoroughly accomplished and function both with heraldic-armorial, as well as landscape themes and details a bit overwhelmingly excessive. Depicted are primarily castles and fortresses and mansions, which are often given with family Coat-of-Arms of their owners on the exlibris.
Her activities as an Artiste encompass a wide spectrum. Illustrations for books, picture postcards, and even the design of postage stamps were not foreign to her ways."


Austria 1933 "250th Anniversary of the Relief of Vienna and Pan-German Catholic Congress" (6,6,6) [Photo] Sc(B112,...,B117) [ image credit of Stampworld ]

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