Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mrs. C.C. Garbett

[Great Britain] (b?/d?)

Mrs. C.C. Garbett ( formerly Miss M. Maynard) traveled to Iraq with his husband Mr. C. C. Garbett to be part of the restrict group of people nominated by Sir Percy Cox to build the British Secretariat in Iraq.. "Cox needed to recruit a small team of people on whom he could count to accompany him back to Iraq . This team included J.B. Philby and C.C. Garbett , both of whom had served under him during the War Years in Mesoptamia. Major R.E. Cheesman , his Ornithologist friend, accompanied him as a private Secretary...".. It is curious to find here direct links to the two women who designed the 1923 Iraq series...(Mrs. C.C. Garbett and Miss Edith Cheesman)..
The data I have is not from the Artist life but mainly from her husband's..

 The Letters of Gertrude Bell (Vol II) 
(even if You don't want to read it , you can see the beautiful Photos at the end of the book..)

Iraq 1923/1925  "Various Designs" (13,8,4) [Typo / 1r][Recess (Bradbury  Wilkinson, Co.)] Sc(3,4,5,9)

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