Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rose Rigden

[Zimbabwe] (b ?)


Zimbabwe 1985 "2nd Definitive Series" (22,22,22) [Litho] Sc(493,...,514)

Zimbabwe 1990 "3rd Definitive Series" (18,18,6) [Des (Janet Duff)(Nancy Abrey)]([Litho] Sc(614,...,631) [ The Artist only has designed the values $15 to $30 ]

This is still a post under construction, because the artist could have stamps from other African countries...All the Zimbabwe stamps are presented but others could be still missing...An update will be posted when time comes , that is to say , when I have the proper catalogs...


  1. hello, not sure if you are still updating, but Rose Rigden also designed designed other zimbabwean stamps, recorded as Rose Martin, I believe. I'm interested to know more about her and other Zimbabwean stamp artists, if anyone has more information.

    1. George Gift JambayaMay 30, 2021 at 8:42 PM

      I remember Rose Martin well. She was my lecturer for commercial art at Bulawayo Technical College Art School 1977-1980-very good lecturer