Friday, March 30, 2018

Henrique Franco

[Portugal] (b 1883/d 1961)

"Self Portrait" (1920)

"Henrique Franco studied at the Antonio Augusto Aguiar Industrial School of Funchal (Madeira) before he went to the Lisbon Fine Arts School..(..) He received a Scholarship and lived in Paris in the end of the IWW.. (..) with time he became a fresco painter , with works in the 'Casa da Moeda' (1938) and in the 'Nossa Senhora de Fatima' Church in Lisbon... Henrique Franco was teacher at the Lisbon Fine Arts School for a long time...(..)"


Portugal 1940 "8th Centenary of the Birth of Portugal and 3rd Centenary of the Restoration of Independence" (8,4,1) [Engr (Renato De Sousa Araujo)][Recess (Banco de Portugal)] Sc(588,590)

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