Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Mariano Bertuchi [ 1st Part (1928) / (1939) ]

[Spain] (b 1884/d 1955)

"Mariano Bertuchi spent the most part of his Artistic career at the Morocco Spanish Protectorate, painting the landscapes and the day to day of the Morocco People...(...) In addition to his Artistic Activity,he was also a Public employee with full responsibilities in the Cultural management of the Spanish Colonial Administration in Morocco. (..) in 1928 he was named Chief Inspector of the Fine Arts Services in the Protectorate and established himself at Tétuan where he stayed until his death in 1955...(...) Bertuchi started his Art studies after the family moved from his native town of Granada to Málaga...there , at the Malaga Provincial School of Fine Arts he stayed just one year , before returning to Granada where he attended the Fine Arts School...(..) in 1895 ,with just eleven years he made his first exhibition (..) and his first visit to North Africa and Morocco was in 1898 , before moving to Madrid to pursue his studies at the School of Painting , Sculpture and engraving of the Fine Arts Royal Academy of San Fernando (...) he stayed there until 1902(..) but his Passion for Morocco was already important in his life , so it was no surprise that in 1913 he once again visited Morocco and arrived in Tétuan for the first time...he spent some time painting the Military Campaign of the Spanish Army in Morocco (..) and in 1918 he moved to Ceuta, where he experienced a intense Artistic Activity, together with the deepening of the knowledge about the Protectorate , it's long history and the diversity of it's Territories and culture..."


Spanish Morocco 1928/1932 "Pictorials" (15,5,5) [Recess (De La Rue)] Sc(93,...,107)

Spanish Morocco 1933/1935 "Local Motifs" (15,7,7) [Photo (Waterlow and sons)] Sc(144,...,157)

Spanish Morocco 1935 "Express Mail" (1) [Photo] Sc(E5)

Spanish Morocco 1937 "Local Motifs" (7,6,6) [Photo (Waterlow and Sons)] Sc(169,...,175)

 Spanish Morocco 1937 "1st Anniversary of the Civil War" (16,16,16) [Photo (Waterlow and Sons)] Sc(176,...,191)  [ Images credit of Stampworld ]

Spanish Morocco 1937 "Express Mail" (1) [Photo] Sc(E6)

Spanish Morocco 1938 "Air / Pictorial" (10,10,10) [Photo] Sc(C1,...,C10) [ Images credit of Stampworld ]

Spanish Morocco 1939 "Towns and cities" (4,4,4) [Photo (Waterlow andd Sons)] Sc(194,...,197)  [ Images credit of Stampworld ]


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