Friday, August 18, 2017

Gustavo Petronio

[Italy] (b?/d?)

Petronio's Animated Characters (1924)

"Gustavo Petronio was a Graphical Artist and painter but he is mostly known for all his work pioneering the Animated Design in Italy.... (..) during the 20's he owned a Graphical studio in Trieste (his Birth town) where he designed the 3 stamps of the 'Venezia Giulia' Commemoration... (..) Along with Omero Valenti , his business partner , he manage to create 'Sor Arrigo' and his cat, the main characters of a Animated commercial , the first one that brought animated publicity to Italian Cinema (..) the studio produced 4 more of these short films,and the last one was the first to have sound, back in 1930..(..) Petronio's imagination continued through out the years,and until the 50's he created  some more Animated characters ,much more oriented to a children's audience.. "


Italy 1921 "Union of Venezia Giulia with Italy" (3,1) [Typo (Petiti,Rome)] Sc(130,...,132) [ images credit of StampsItaly ]

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