Sunday, July 2, 2017

Ottomar Anton

[Germany] (b 1895/d 1976)

One of the Famous Anton's Deutsche-Afrika Linner Posters

"Ottomar Anton was educated at the Hamburg College of Fine Arts, before start to work in the Arno Kypke Poster Printing plant,also in Hamburg , where he become a studio Manager after WWI...(...) In 1921 he became a freelance Graphic artist and undertook study trips to Scandinavia, Southern Europe and North Africa... in 1936 he become a member of the SS ..(...) from then on he designed numerous propaganda posters for the SS and Waffen SS and worked for the Reich Ministry of National Enlightenment and Propaganda, as well as for the Reichspost... (...) For his work Ottomar Anton was awarded several times in the Nazi Era (...) After the war, Anton was interned until March 1946. Afterwards, he again successfully worked as a commercial graphic designer for numerous companies."


Germany 1944 "Armed Forces and Heroes Day" (13,13,13) [Photo] Sc(B257,...,B269)

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