Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Alois Kolb

[Austria] (b 1875/d 1942)

"Son of a German decorator and a Viennese, Alois Kolb spent his youth years from 1886 to 1892 in Graz ... (..) From 1896 to 1901 he attended the Munich Academy of Fine Arts under Prof. Karl Raupp . At the same time he was a pupil of Friedrich Fehr , Ludwig Schmid-Reutte and Ludwig von Löfftz . He developed auto-didactically in the art of etching. (...) From 1901 to 1905 Kolb was active at Ebersberg and Murnau working as an illustrator for the journal 'Jugend' . Already in these years he created technically masterful etchings. (...) From 1905 to 1907, Kolb worked as a teacher for nude and figurative drawing at the Magdeburg Art School . In 1907 he was appointed to the Royal Academy of Graphic Arts and Book Trade in Leipzig, where he was professor until the time of his death. (...) He created primarily etched portfolios  but he also designed ex-libris , stamps and other utility graphics. "


Germany 1933 "Charity : Scenes from Wagner Operas" (9,9,9) [Recess] Sc(B49,...,B57) [ Images credit of Stampworld ]

Germany 1938 "Hitler's Cultural Fund" (2,1) [Photo] Sc(B116,B117)

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