Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Oscar Ruegg

[Switzerland] (b 1896/d 1987)

"Oscar Rüegg was a famous Swiss painter and graphic artist, who designed well recognized Swiss stamps as well as posters and adverts for the Swiss tourism."


Switzerland 1942 "National Festival" (2,2,1) [Photo (Courvoisier)] Sc(B118)

Switzerland 1944 "National Festival" (4,4,1) [Photo (Courvoisier)] Sc(B133)

Switzerland 1947 "Centenary of Swiss Railways" (4,4,2) [Photo (Courvoisier)] Sc(310,311)

Luxembourg 1947 "Honoring General George S. Patton" (4,2,2) [Photo (Courvoisier)] Sc(242,...,245)

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