Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Carl Barth

[Germany] (b 1896/d 1976)

Carl Barth finished his basic studies in 1910 at Haan, his hometown...until 1915 he worked with his father learning the Art of Book-Binding...in 1916 he joined the Army  where he was severely injured in the Battle of Flanders...in 1921 he moved to Munich ,where he continued his studies under Profs. Geiger, Gulbransson, Schinnerer and Ehmcke. in 1924 he ended his studies and traveled to Italy ...in 1925 he started new studies at the Dusseldorf Art academy and made his first  Exhibitions...in 1930 , he was already a free lance Graphic Artist in Dusseldorf and in 1936 he traveled to the US by  invitation of his uncle Ferdinand Kortlücke..During the WWII ,several of his paintings were destroyed  during bombings of Dusseldorf and Haan...in 1950 he made a new series of travels to Holland and Italy...starting in the middle of the 50's until the time of his death Barth made many individual Exhibitions...


Germany 1951 "50th Anniversary of the award to Rontgen of the First Nobel Prize of Physics" (1) [Engr (J. Piwczyk)][Recess] Sc(686)

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