Sunday, May 29, 2016

William Cooch

[Ireland][New Zealand] (b 1898/d 1950)

"Cooch was born in Ireland and was one of four children of Captain William Cooch of the 1st Royal Munster Fusiliers. Cooch trained as an architect in London and (..) in 1922 he and his wife joined with his parents and siblings to emigrate to New Zealand. (..) Cooch settled in Wellington and gained employment as a government architect. (..)  In his spare time Cooch created prints working in woodcuts and linocuts. Both he and his sister, Louise Orgias were members of the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts. (..) Cooch also designed and etched designs for New Zealand stamps. "


New Zealand 1932 "Health Stamp" (1) [Recess (Government Printing Office, New Zealand)] Sc(B5) [The Design Work was a joint effort with R.E.Tripe] 

New Zealand 1935 "Various Designs" (15,14,1) [Recess (Thomas De La Rue)] Sc(192) [The Design Work was a joint effort with R.E.Tripe] 

New Zealand 1938/1947 "King George VI" (17,2,1) [Recess (Bradbury Wilkinson)] Sc(226,...,228c)(258,...,264)  [William Cooch only designed the frame...The Vignette was designed by the Printer from a Photograph

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