Wednesday, March 30, 2016

André Herviault

[France] (b 1884/d 1969)

I have tried for sometime to find the Educational data from André Herviault , but unfortunately I was unable to do it... The Artist is known to be an Africanist , so I only have information from the time he started his African Voyages..he made 8 travels to Africa between 1926 and 1960.. in each one of them he spent periods of time from a couple of months to 3 or 4 years...the first of these voyages , in 1926 , to the French Equatorial Africa was financed by a Scholarship, and the others were result of work he received from the Ministry of the Colonies and from the 'Alliance Française'..
I have to emphasize Herviault's work in the 1931 Paris Colonial Exposition with several posters and paintings for the Togo and Cameroon Pavilions...


Middle Congo 1931 "Various Designs" (24,3,3) [Engr (Emile Feltesse)(Antonin Delzers)(George Hourriez)][Photo (Vaugirard,Paris)] Sc(65,...,88)

Middle Congo 1933 "Postage Due Stamps" (11,1) [Engr (Henry Cheffer)][Photo] Sc(J23,...,J33)

French Polynesia 1934 "Various Designs" (37,3,3) [Engr (Abel Mignon)(Jules Piel)(Henry Cheffer)][Photo (Vaugirard, Paris)] Sc(80,...,116)

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