Monday, March 7, 2016

Alphée Dubois

[France] (b 1831/d 1905)

Alphée Dubois was son of the Engraver Joseph Eugène Dubois.. in 1855 he won the 'Grand Prix De Rome' in the discipline of Engraving ..he spent the next 5 years studying the Models from Antiquity and perfecting himself in his Art...the execution of two medals ( Le Pape Pie IX bénissant le Prince Impérial, et La Réception des Ambassadeurs Siamois de Fontainebleau)  brought him fame and many Official orders appeared...He exhibited his work many times and won numerous medals and Honors...


French Colonies 1881 "Commerce" (14,1) [Engr (Alphée Dubois)][Typo] Sc(46,...,59)

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