Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Istvan Drahos

[Hungary] )b 1895/d 1968)

Istvan Drahos was born at Budapest in 1895..he inherited the fascination for the Graphic Arts from his father and rapidly acquired a Teacher's Diploma in the Applied Arts college.. During the 20's and 30's , due to the WWI profound effects in Hungarian life , his family was in misery and he was obligated to work as an illustrator of medical and surgical  books and other works for minor editors... from 1933 on he started to design Bookplates , field where he would became a reference name, with more than 900 works..he also worked in other  branches of Graphic Art like illustration, caricature or engraving...He lived and worked in Szentes until his last days... Drahos made several National and International Exhibitions and his work is part of several Famous International Collections...


Hungary 1937 "Budapest International Fair" (6,1) [Photo] Sc(503,...,508)

Hungary 1952 "Air / Birds" (11,11,11) [Photo] Sc(C96,...,C106) [ images credit of ]

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