Monday, December 21, 2015

Charles Fouqueray

[France] (b 1869/d 1956)

Charles Dominique Fouqueray was a Painter, Illustrator and Lithographer.. in 1887 he was admitted to the Paris Fine Arts School and in 1889 he made his first exhibition after applying for the Naval School without success due to his low results in Mathematics... his main inspiration was always the Ocean and the Maritime Life , so one of his goals was to became a Navy Painter but he only achieve that degree in 1908 ...from 1890 to 1900 he worked for several French and British Magazines as an Illustrator and with time he became known for his illustrations of historical Navy Battle's ...Fouqueray won the Rosa Bonheur Prix in 1909 , the Indochine Prix in 1914 and the Engraver Gold Medal in 1920..Between 1917 and 1924 he traveled through the Middle East, Arabic Peninsula , Greece, Turkey and Palestine...He distinguished himself also by painting large Decorative panels for several National and International buildings..  he achieved the Presidency of  the French Artists colonial Society and was a member of the Jury at the Paris 1931 Colonial Exposition.... in 1920 he was nominated "chevalier de la Légion d'honneur" .


Indochina 1927 "Various Designs" (24,6,1) [Engr (Abel Mignon)][Typo] Sc(137,138)

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