Monday, November 23, 2015

Jules-Jacques Puyplat

[France] (b 1843/d 1915)

"Jules Puyplat  should be seen specially as an illustrator,and worked for Magazines and Newspapers as "Le Musée Universel", "Le Magazin Pitoresque", "Le monde illustré", etc... He engraved his first postage stamps in 1904 and until 1906 he was very active in several of the French colonies, designing or/and engraving large series of stamps...his last works were made for the French Indies, to whom he dedicated his last years.." As a wood Engraver he left us a significant number of spectacular works..

Biography :

Dahomey and Dependencies 1906 "Postage due Stamps" (8,1) [Typo] Sc(J1,...,J8)

Guadeloupe 1905 "Various Designs" (29,3,3) [Engr (Jules-Jacques Puyplat)][Typo] Sc(54,...,82)

Guadeloupe 1905 "Postage due Stamps" (8,1) [Engr (Jules-Jacques Puyplat)][Typo] Sc(J15,...,J22)

Mauritania 1906 "Various Designs" (16,3,3) [Typo] Sc(1,...,17)

Indochina 1907 "Various Designs" (18,7,7) [Typo] Sc(41,...,58)

Indochina 1908 "Dragon" (13,1) [Engr (Jules-Jacques Puyplat)][Typo] Sc(J5,...,J17)

[Several of these stamps were issued in more than one French colony][ I could not find sufficient data about the Dahomey's 1906/07 series.. the stamps were engraved by Jules Puyplat but the designer is still unknown.. comments are , as usual, welcome ]

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