Thursday, November 5, 2015

Henry Cayon

[France] (b 1879/ d ?)

The first part of the life of Henry Cayon , his student days and the Schools he attended, are somehow forgotten in the Net....after 2 or 3 hours digging,  I only have data about him from 1911 on.. in that year he received some monetary help to travel...Cayon began by traveling through Mauritania, Senegal , Niger and Sudan...during some years , he traveled  also from Canada to Mexico, The French Antilles , Morocco ,etc ... in 1924 he returned to Senegal where he was nominated special correspondent of the Illustrated Magazine "Annales Coloniales" , to cover a French Parliamentarian Visit... during all these years he always continued to paint , receiving at the same time new and different influences... He is part of the group of  Painters known as Africanists ("Les Peintres Africanistes" )...


Madagascar and Dependencies 1930 "Various Designs" (23,4,4) [ Engr (C. Hourriez)(Abel Mignon)([Typo] Sc(147,...,168)

Madagascar and Dependencies 1931/1936 "General Simon Gallieni (1st and 2nd series)" (16[ 1st series (5) 2nd series (11)]) [Engr (Abel Mignon)][Recess] Sc(173,...,177)(180,...,190) [ The 1st and 2nd series share the same design, but differ in the size...]


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