Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Herman Frederik Carel ten Kate

[Netherlands] (b 1822/d 1891)

"Herman ten Kate the Elder  was a student of Cornelis Kruseman from 1837 and 1841. After his education he traveled to Belgium, Germany, Italy and France. In Paris, Jean-Louis Ernest Meissonier advised him on his painting and on his return from his travels, he studied in the Municipal Academy (1842) and at the Royal Academy of Art (1841–42). (..) During wartime, there was a decline in the sale of his military themed art work so he shifted his emphasis to landscape paintings. (..) He was director of the Arts Academy during the 60's decade..."


Netherlands1872/1888 "King William III" (11,2,2) [Engr (G. Schilling)][Typo] Sc(23,...,33)

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