Monday, August 24, 2015

James McLauchlan Nairn

[Great Britain][New Zealand] (b 1859/d 1904)

James McLauchlan Nairn arrived in New Zealand in 1890.(..) He was born at Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire, Scotland (..) and  attended school in Glasgow from 1867,being later an apprenticed draughtsman in an architect's office. While working he studied part time at the Glasgow School of Art for four years from 1879. He appears to have become a full-time artist soon after. (..) After arriving in New Zealand by August 1890 he was living in Wellington with Archibald Nairn , his brother , apparently supporting himself by painting and drawing cartoons. (..) In December 1891 Nairn was appointed to teach still-life painting and life drawing at the Wellington Technical School, under the directorship of Arthur Dewhurst Riley. He remained teaching there until his death in 1904. (..) Nairn joined the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts soon after his arrival in Wellington, serving on its council from 1890 to 1903 and as vice president from 1898 to 1900.. (..) James Nairn's influence was felt not only in Wellington but throughout New Zealand. He regularly sent exhibits to art societies in the other centres, furthering his reputation as the country's leading modern painter..


New Zealand 1900 "Pictorial Series" (4,4,1) [Recess (Government Printer, Wellington)] Sc(101) [ image credit of VirtualNewZealandStamps ]

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