Monday, August 31, 2015

Imre Foldes

[Hungary] (b 1881/d 1948)

Imre Foldes was an Important master of the early Hungarian poster Art..together with Lipót Sátori,they layed the foundation of the Hungarian film poster design. He began his career as a Lithographer and studied at the Budapest  Applied Arts School and at the fine Arts University.. He completed his artistic formation in Vienna, Munich, Berlin and Paris.
Foldes designed numerous Commercial and Political Posters, along with illustrations and Paintings...during the WWI, he created Movies and Propaganda posters...he moved to Romania in 1920 ...


Hungary 1918 "King Charles IV and Queen Zita" (6) [Typo] Sc(127,...,132)


  1. That photograph is NOT Imre Földes the artist, it's Imre Földes the playwright (1881-1958) See Hungarian Wikipedia @öldes_Imre_(színműíró)

    1. Hello, Good Morning..
      I have received Your comment and a new update to the post as arrived.. I remove the photo and I have uploaded a poster from the Artist. Thank you for your comment.. I am no longer a active blogger, but this was something I had to respond..