Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hugo Fleury

[Great Britain] (b 1893/d 1983)

I cannot find nothing about Hugo's Fleury Education...at the age of 30 he was a Waterlow and Son's Employee and designed stamps and Bank notes for several countries...


Gambia 1935 "King George V Silver Jubilee" (4,1) [Recess (Waterlow and Sons, London)] Sc(125,...,128) [ This was a Common Design to many of the Empire States ]

Cayman Islands 1938 "Definitive series" (12,5,1) [Recess (Waterlow and Sons, London)] Sc(105,110)

Great Britain 1949 "Universal Postal Union" (4,4,1) [Photo] Sc(276,...,279)

[ Many updates are possible because Hugo Fleury was a common worker of a Big Company so his individuality as an Artist was somehow 'forgotten' with 'solo' benefit for the Company...why can't this knowledge of the individual designers and engravers of  the 'Big Company's '  in the 'early days'  be shared?? and those who have access to it, why can't they share it?? is it some kind of Treasure??? The world will end?? I'm a little tired of seeing  "Engraved by Waterlow and Sons," "Designed by De La Rue"...well , I use to say "donkey voices never reach the Heaven's" and that's what I'm doing now , just wasting words... ]

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