Friday, August 28, 2015

Enrico Arno

[Germany][USA] (b 1913/d 1980)

Enrico Arno was born in 1913 in Mannheim, Germany, raised in Berlin and attended the Fine and Applied Arts School. (..) His maternal Jewish lineage obligate him to abandon his country .. Fleeing from the Nazis led him throughout Italy and eventually to the United States, where he began working as a book-jacket and record-cover designer in 1947. Arno's first published illustration was in 1955, for Jean Baptiste Moliere's The Misanthrope..(..) This activated a long career as an artist, illustrator and teacher (..) . At the age of sixty-seven, Enrico Arno passed away in his home in Long Island.


USA 1955 "200th Anniversary of Fort Ticonderoga" (1) [Engr (C.A. Brooks)][Recess] Sc(1071)

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