Monday, August 10, 2015

Carlos Eckman

[Sweden][Brazil] (b 1866/d 1940)

"(..) Karl Wilhelm Ekman started his studies in the Copenhagen Fine Arts School in 1882..two years later, due to the death of his father he returns to Stockholm where he ends his studies in the Engineering School in 1886..He moved to the United states where he worked in New York for some time.. in 1888 he arrived to Buenos Aires where he did some works as a the following years he traveled to Rio De Janeiro where he stayed for two years, before return to Buenos Aires where he finally made his first projects as an Architect...(..) A friend, the German Architect August Fried invites him to live in S. Paulo, where he arrived in 1900 he finished his Naturalization process and changed his name to Carlos Eckman , before started his professional life with the opening of the firm Fried & Eckman.. (..) in 1910 he returns for the first time to Europe and to Sweden where he published a book about the Brazilian Society and life 1920 he started another firm with his son and from 1934 , with the dissolution of the Firm, he began to focus mainly in painting...(..)"


Brazil 1900 "400th Anniversary of the discovery of Brazil" (4,4,1) [Litho (Paulo Robim e Pinho, Rio De Janeiro)] Sc(162)

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