Thursday, August 27, 2015

Antonio Calcagnadoro

[Italy] (b 1876/d 1935)

"Born in Rome, Calcagnadoro initially trained with his father, an ornamental painter. He then studied at the Institute of Fine Arts in Rome (1894–1898). He often painted subjects of social discomfort among the poor. (..)  Many of his works are exhibited in the Museo Comunale of Rieti. The schools for arts in Rieti, part of the Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Marco Terenzio Varrone are named after him."


Libya 1924/1931 "Libyan Sibyl" (6,1) [Engr (A. Repettati)][Recess] Sc(39,...,44)

Cyrenaica 1926 "Peace" (6,1) [Typo] Sc(B7,...,B12) 

Cyrenaica 1928 "45th Anniversary of the Italian-African Society" (4,1) [Litho] Sc(B17,...,B20)

Eritrea 1931 "King Victor Emmanuel III" (8,1) [Photo] Sc(150,...,157)

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