Friday, July 31, 2015

Horst Klopfel

[Germany] (b 1924)

"Horst Klöpfel spent most of his life in the GDR . He was born in Zeitz in 1924 and studied painting in Munich. During World War II, he served in the Wehrmacht and was sent to the Eastern front  ; he ended up in Moscow, where he became a decor painter in the theater. He returned to Germany in 1947 and after many unsatisfying jobs he left the GDR illegally and worked in Trier and Köln. He returned to the GDR in 1957 to join his wife and settled in Potsdam, where he became a freelance advertising artist, mainly creating film posters. He also worked for magazine Atze on the side, and it was there that he drew his first comics. He became one of the best realistic comic artists of the GDR. (..)"


East Germany 1958 "10th Anniversary of the East German Pioneer Organization" (2,2,2) [Litho] Sc(B41,B42) [ Images are credit of StampWorld ]

East Germany 1958 "1st Anniversary of the Death of Vice Premier Otto Nuschhe" (1) [Litho] Sc(417)

East Germany 1959 "Postal Minister's Conference, Berlin" (2,1) [Litho] Sc(432,433)

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