Friday, July 3, 2015

Georg Jung

[Austria] (b 1899/d 1957)

Jung was born in Salzburg and studied Medicine in Vienna..He attended night classes at the Applied Arts Academy and his first exhibition was in Salzburg 1918... From 1935 on , he worked also with furniture building  , interior Design and wall-painting... between the Wars he designed two of the most significant Austrian  Postage stamp series..; during all of his life , Jung dealt with literature , writing short stories and novels...


Austria 1934 "Various Austrian Costumes" (20,20,20) [Typo][Recess (3s,5s)] Sc(354,...,373) [ image credit of WorldStamps ]

[ There is another large series of 1935 designed by Georg Jung, but I don't show it because it isn't present in the catalog I use to do these blog...I found out also that there are some difference between the information's provided by some of the other Main catalogs about this Air Mail series , in what concerns to the Printing Method.. some say it is a [recess] series, others a [Photo] series.. If You want to see this series please follow the link to WorldStamps...]

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