Monday, July 20, 2015

Ferenc Márton

{Hungary] (b 1884/d 1940)

"Although in the sources he only is mentioned as painter, sculptor and graphic artist, he also was an architect. He studied at the Mintarajziskolá (School of Decorative Arts) where Bertalan Székely and László Hegedüs were his teachers. He continued this study in Munich. In Budapest, he worked as an illustrator for a newspaper and he also made designs for the government. "


Hungary 1933 "Air Mail" (9,4,3) [Photo] Sc(C28,...,C34) [ images credit of StampWorld ]

[ there is another reference to a stamp issued in 1940 as work of Ferenc Márton, in a joint effort with Sandor Legrady... however , other sources don't present that stamp as being part of Márton's work and a closer look to the issue clearly marks that the 3 stamps are work of the same Artist, and any of them present's Márton's characteristic style, well documented in the stamps above... An additional period of research is needed to clear this doubt, and future updates are possible..]

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