Friday, June 26, 2015

Ferdinand Schirnbock

[Austria] (b 1859/d 1930)

"Schirnbock studied at the Art School of the Austrian Trade Museum , and at the Vienna Academy of Art . There he attended a special Engraver class. He first worked in Buenos Aires and designed Argentine banknotes and stamps , for which he sculpted the copper and steel engravings. In 1892 he returned to Austria and worked for the Austria-Hungarian Bank (today Austrian National Bank ) and the State Printing House . With the Designer Koloman Moser he made ​​the engravings for several stamp series that made ​​him internationally famous. In 1906, he engraved the stamp series for Bosnia and Herzegovina , which differed from the then customary representations of heads of state and coat of arms and showed landscapes. The stamp series from 1908 to the 60th jubilee of Emperor Franz Joseph I. ,  influenced by the Art Nouveau was printed multicolored and highly influenced the portrait presentation on stamps" [ Wikipedia ]

A small text about Schirnbock by Rudolf Junk (In German)

Germany (Bavaria) 1914/1920 "Prince Luitpold" (21,3,3) [Photo (F.A. Bruckmann, Munich)] Sc(94,...,114)

Norway 1928 "Ibsen Centenary" (4,1) [Des (S. Hennum)][Offset (Emil Moestue & Co.)] Sc(132,...,135) [ Schirnbock is Co- Designer in this stamp, but I don't know what he has designed...]

Norway 1929 "Abel Centenary" (4,1) [Offset (Emil Moestue & Co.)] Sc(145,...,148)

 Norway 1930 "9th Centenary of Saint Olaf" (4,3,3) [Typo (Knudsen) 10o,02o][Litho (Emil Moestue & Co.)15o][Recess (Norwegian Bank Note Printery) 30o] Sc(150,...,153) [ image credit of StampWorld ]

Poland 1930 "Birth Tercentenary of King John III" (1) [Typo] Sc(262)

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