Monday, June 8, 2015

Berthold Hellingrath

[Germany] (b 1877/d 1954)

Hellingrath started his Education in Danzig and continued in Schools and Academy's in Dresden , Munich and Paris. He made his first Public exhibition in 1911 and easily attained success.. He made many paintings for Postcards and designs for Books and 1925 he became a professor of Architectural Drawing in the Hanover Technical University, until 1947 when he retired..


Danzig 1921 "Tuberculosis Charity" (3,1) [Typo (J. Sauer)] Sc(B1,B2,B3)

Danzig 1924 "City Views"  (5,5,5) [Recess (Berlin state Printing Works)] Sc(193,195,197,198,199) [ image Credit of Stampworld ]

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