Monday, May 18, 2015

Louis Jules Dumoulin

[France] (b 1860/d 1924)

"Student of Henry Gervex, Dumoulin  was in 1890 one of the creators of  the Fine Arts National Society..he regularly exhibited in Paris and in 1887 received an Honorable Mention of the 'Salon Des Artistes Français'.. His travels through numerous Countries brought him much of the inspiration for his paintings. (..)
In 1887 he was asked by the Fine Arts Director Jules-Antoine Castagnary to travel to Japan.. An exhibit was organized after his return, with brilliant studies not only about Japan , but also about China, and other SE Asia countries..Dumoulin travels constantly to Brazil, Senegal, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Syria and Tunisia .. He is nominated Painter of the Navy Ministry  and of the Colonies Ministry in 1891. He was in charge of the 1906 Marseilles Colonial Exhibition and in 1908 he creates the Colonial Society of French Artists...(..) Several of his works are kept in Paris , in the Guimet Museum and at the National Museum of Africans and Oceania Arts.. "(Lynne Thornton,  'Les Africanistes. Peintres Voyageurs 1860/1960' 1990 ACR Edition p. 318 )


Tunisia 1906 "Various Designs" (29,4,4) [Engr (J. Puyplat)][Typo] Sc(29,...,57)

Tunisia 1906 "Parcel Post stamps" (10,1) [Engr (J. Puyplat)][Typo] Sc(Q1,...,Q10)

France 1917 "War Orphan's Fund" (8,6,5) [Engr (L. Ruffe)][Typo] Sc(B3,B5,...,B10) [ image credit of StampWorld ]

France 1918 "Red Cross" (1) [Engr (L. Ruffe)][Typo] Sc(B11)

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