Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bertram Mackennal

[Australia] (b 1863/d 1931)

"Bertram Mackennal was born in Fitzroy, Victoria, a suburb of Melbourne, the second son of parents who were both of Scottish descent. His mother was Annabella, née Hyde, and his father was John Simpson Mackennal, a sculptor. John Mackennal provided Bertram his early training which was followed by studies at the school of design at the Melbourne National Gallery which he attended from 1878 to 1882. (..) In 1910 Mackennal designed the Coronation Medal for King George V and also won the important commission for the obverse design (the monarch's head) of the new coinage needed for the new reign from 1911, from which he developed the new design for the King's head on British postage stamps. (..) Mackennal was the first Australian artist to be knighted. He was created a Knight Commander of the Victorian Order in 1921 by H.M. King George V on the occasion of the unveiling of the London equestrian statue of King Edward VII. He was elected R.A. in 1922. "


Great Britain 1911/1912 "King George V" (2,2,2) [Frames Design (G.W. Eve)][Die Engr (J.A.C. Harrison)][Typo (Harrison & Sons, Ltd.)] Sc(151,...,154) [ Design of the Head made from a Photograph by W & D Downey ]

Great Britain 1912/1913 "King George V" (14,5,5) [Frames Design (G.W. eve)][Die Engr (J.A.C. Harrison)][Typo (Harrison & Sons, Ltd.) exc. 6d (Somerset House)] Sc(159,...,172)

Great Britain 1913 "Britannia Rule the Waves" (4,1) [Die Engr (J.A.C. Harrison)][Recess (Waterlow Bros & Layton)] Sc(173,...,176) [ in 1918 another issue was printed by Thomas De La Rue & Co. Sc(173a,174a,175a) ]

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