Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Willen Adriaan van Konijnenburg

[Netherlands] (b 1868/d 1943)

He received his first instruction in Drawing and Painting from his Mother, before attending a Summer Course at the Royal Academy of Arts in 1884 he began his study's in the Royal Academy  , and after Graduation he started to give his own private lessons.. among his students was Princess Wilhelmina , that a few years later commissioned him to design the Silver Jubilee Series of Postage stamps in 1923...the continuous presence in the Cultural Life of the Royal Residence increased his visibility, and in this period he also started to do Book Covers , Posters and Cartoons ... He was commissioned to make several Monumental Art works from 1924 to 1941... 


Netherlands 1923 "The Queen Silver Jubilee" (11,2,2) [ lettering by J. Van Krimpen][Recess] Sc(124,...,134)

Netherlands 1935 "Cultural and Social Relief Fund" (4,4,4) [Engr (J.J. Warnaar)(R. Steinhausen)(H. Seegers)(R. Steinhausen & J.J. Warnar)][Recess] Sc(B77,...,B80)

Netherlands 1940 "Queen Wilhelmina" (14,1) [Photo] Sc(216,...,225B)

Netherlands 1946 "Queen Wilhelmina" (4,1) [Engr (S.L. Hartz)(J. van Krimpen)][Recess] Sc(278,...,281) [ design already made by the Artist , before his Death in 1943...]

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