Friday, April 10, 2015

Luigi Kasimir

[Austria] (b 1881/d 1962)

Luigi Kasimir was an Austro-Hungarian born etcher, painter, printmaker and landscape artist ..He inherited his talent from his ancestors; his grandfather was a painter and a poet, and his father an officer in the Habsburg army, who later became a professional painter. Kasimir attended the Vienna Academy of Art where he studied under Wilhelm Unger, who introduced him to the technique of the coloured etching, and also to his future wife, the artist Tanna Hoernes. Kasimir was among the first to develop the technique of the colored etching.[1] Before this, prints were usually hand-colored with the color being applied in a casual, haphazard manner. Kasimir would first create a sketch—usually in pastel. He then transferred the design on as many as four to six plates, printing one after the other and applying the color on the plate—all done by hand... Kasimir is mainly famous for his etchings, but he also produced some oil painting, as well as some pastels. One of his favorite genres was the landscape"  [ Wikipedia ]


Liechtenstein 1920 "Numeral" (12,1) [Recess (Paulussen & Co., Vienna)] Sc(J1,...,J12)

Liechtenstein 1920 "Coat of Arms & Crowned Lansdcape" (8,8,2) [Recess (Paulussen & Co., Vienna)] Sc(18,...,,25)

Liechtenstein 1920 "Landscapes & portraits" (9,9,9) [Recess (Paulussen & Co., Vienna)] Sc(38,...,46) [ image credit of Stampworld ]

Liechtenstein 1920 "Prince Johann II 80th Birthday" (3,1) [Recess (Paulussen & Co., Vienna)] Sc(47,...,49)

Liechtenstein 1921 "Angels & Crowned Coat of Arms" (8,1) [Recess (Paulussen & Co., Vienna)] Sc(54,...,61) [ image credit of Stampworld ]

Liechtenstein 1921 "Landscapes" (8,8,8) [Recess (Paulussen & Co., Vienna)] Sc(62,...,69) [ image credit of Stampworld ]


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