Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Eugen Zotow

[Russia] (b 1881/d 1953)

Ivan Grigoryevich Mjassojedow  was a Russian painter, draftsman, printmaker, photographer and philosopher. During the years of exile in Liechtenstein from 1938 to 1953, he led the name Eugen Zotow. His first artistic training was Mjassojedow in Poltava at the private school of painting of his father, the painter Grigoriy Myasoyedov ; he studied in Moscow at the School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture from 1907 to 1912 and he next attended the painting class at the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. Three scholarships allowed him traveling to Rome, Munich, Paris and London. (..) The Russian Revolution and the Civil War put an end to this phase of life. Around 1919 the family fled to the Crimea, Sevastopol and continue on Trieste to Germany. (..) He spent a total of 13 years in Berlin (...) In 1936 traveled out of Germany and arrived to Liechtenstein where he was one of the first freelance artist working as an outsider. (..) [ Wikipedia ]


Liechtenstein 1939 "Homage to Francis Joseph II" (3,1) [Engr (Eugen Zotow)][Recess (Government Printing Works, Vienna)] Sc(154,...,156)

Liechtenstein 1942 "600th Anniversary of the Separation from Estate at Montfort" (5,5,5) [Recess (PTT Bureau, Berne)] Sc(176,...,180) [ image credit of StampWorld ]

Liechtenstein 1943 "Completion of Irrigation Canal" (4,4,4) [Frame Des (J. Troyer)][Photo (Courvoisier)] Sc(192,...,195) [ image credit of StampWorld ]

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