Friday, March 6, 2015

Ali Sami Bey

[Turkey] (b?/d?)

Ali Sami Bey was Chief Photographer of the Ministry of Navy and served as an official Photographer for Sultan Abdulhamid II from about 1892 until the sultan's deposition in 1909.. [ This is the story of 'this' Ali Sami Bey.. Yes, there was another one, living in the same time frame , Military and Photographer..!! I was led to this second men , because of some inconsistency in all this story.. After the Sultan's deposition , in1909 , Ali Sami Bey began an active Political period, with the publication of magazines and books acting against the following regime's especially the one of Kemal Ataturk , that would come some years after.. He was , somehow 'exiled' to Greece where he made two books in 1925 about the monks of Mount Athos...this is finally the time of the production of these stamps , so being a fierce opposite of the Kemalist Regime , how could he had designed such a beautiful portrait of  Kemal Ataturk??.. How could President Kemal let him do this work ?? it is not possible .. the urgency of finding another man to be the designer of these stamps, was answered surprisingly by the appearance of this Second Ali Sami ... I will wait  for more news about him , and an Update is possible in a near future...] [ I recommend , those Who are interested, the reading of the "biography" pdf file ... a download is necessary..]

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Turkey 1926 "Various Designs" (14,4,4) [Engr][Recess (Bradbury Wilkinson Co.)] Sc(634,...,647)

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